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    We have a clear mission

    Want software development careers more than just a job? Shape your future with Groove Technology.

    We combine our talent and passion to deliver on our mission: to proactively work with our customers to build the right software solutions for their long-term success. Our team shares four core values: passion, integrity, creativity and quality.

    Help us revolutionise how businesses use technology, and transform your career path at the same time.

    Why get lost your career path elsewhere?

    Join us to explore a tech-savvy world!

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    Why Groove Technology? Here starts your future!

    Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, or a more senior developer, Groove provides a supportive workplace and opportunities to improve your knowledge and skills. You’ll find out more about your job.



    Build & develop your skills

    Get hands-on experience at every stage of the software development cycle. Work closely with global companies. Learn more about the process of software development across many industries and projects.

    A caring culture

    Our workplace is dynamic, but we’re also a team that cares about each other and takes time to focus on well-being. Benefit from social interactions, team events, celebrations of achievements, and access to health and wellness programs.

    Access to global

    You will be exposed to our clients around the world. Build relationships with leading companies and professionals that will last throughout your software development careers. Improve your soft skills and knowledge of international markets and practices.

    Great rewards

    You'll receive an attractive salary, premium health insurance, overtime pay, and recognition of performance and participation in company activities.

    Team support

    Be motivated by our collaborative culture and dedication to doing the right thing. Groove also values software development careers– grow from coaching, involvement in planning, and challenging work. We support you to evolve over a long and successful career.

    Access to management

    Build your skills, develop your talents. You will grant hands-on, full-cycle software development with global customers. You will take place through the process of software development across many industries and projects.

    Diverse teams

    Caring culture. While working in a dynamic, collaborative environment, as part of our health and well-being culture, you can interact with colleagues at all levels, celebrate achievements with enjoyable events, and access health and wellness programs.


    Access to global. You will be exposed to our clients, and you will continue to work with them throughout your career. It helps you to improve not only soft skills but also be professional in the international working environment.

    Great rewards

    Great rewards. You’ll receive attractive salary, premium health insurance, overtime pay, and recognition of performance & participation in company activities.

    Continuous improvement

    Team support. You’ll be motivated by our collaborative culture, our dedication to doing the right thing, and how we value the career – from coaching and planning, hands-on work with the client. Our goal evolves you with us over a long, successful career.

    Employee Core Values

    Whether you’re a new student or senior-level, Groove offers great opportunities for
    you to improve your knowledge and skills. You’ll find out more about your job.

    Make everything you do AMAZING

    What do we mean by AMAZING? Bring a sense of wonder and a commitment to excellence to your work and the products you build—and go beyond what was expected.

    We’re not a typical software outsourcing company: we aim to impress and build trust as a technology partner that expands our client’s capabilities over the long-term.

    So, we don’t want code monkeys. We want passionate and strategic software engineers keen to deliver AMAZING products and solutions.

    Groove aims to amaze through the services and experiences we create for our clients, within our team, and for our investors.

    Be Adventurous & Encourage Creativity

    Part of being in a growing company is that change is constant.

    We don’t fear change. Instead, we share a spirit of adventure. That requires being prepared to think creatively and embrace new ideas.

    Our frontline employees, who work closest to our clients, are in the best position to see issues and suggest changes that help the whole company improve and innovate. Our team is free to challenge the status quo and initiate new ways of working that allow us to adapt quickly.

    Creativity requires courage, so we take risks (without being reckless). Mistakes are also OK as long as we learn from them: we believe it’s worth trying things that will help us and our clients stay ahead of the competition.

    Create Passion and Fun

    We value passion, determination, and perseverance because these characteristics lead to innovation and creativity. A positive and ‘can do’ attitude also helps inspire others to share our enthusiasm.

    Because passion makes work more joyful, we have fun and celebrate our wins at Groove. Our workplace will never be boring or bureaucratic, no matter how big we grow. We want to make ourselves happy—our everyday work is a chance to experience enjoyment and excitement.

    Communicate to build Transparency and Honest Relationships

    We believe that transparency and honesty are key to good relationships as they build trust. Our team values strong relationships: with managers, customers (internal and external), vendors, corporate associates, and colleagues.

    Groove welcomes a diversity of thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds. We want everyone, regardless of background, to feel valued personally and professionally. We recognize and appreciate our differences, and our combined strengths.

    Collaboration and respectful interactions are critical now and will become more important as our company grows, because we all need to come together to contribute to Groove’s ‘big picture’ goals.

    Pursue Growth and Learning

    Personal and professional growth helps our team to keep pushing themselves. Having a willingness to develop and learn is important, but you’ll also be supported to realise your full potential. Groove aims to create a learning environment that encourages employees to explore and enhance their abilities.

    We’re a growing company in an evolving technology landscape. During every phase of growth, we face new challenges, opportunities and threats. It’s an endless cycle: the new normal for survival in business. In our field of work, you have to always be learning and applying that knowledge to gain expertise.

    Groovers have an incredible chance to learn, adapt and try new ideas. By supporting the business to expand, our team improves themselves in the process.

    Company Benefits

    Groove offers creative professionals a better workplace. We seek to provide an atmosphere where individuals can be creative, improve and grow, take ownership, and turn their inspiration into innovative software solutions.

    We are transforming constantly to give creative professionals such as you a better workplace.
    Job - Groove Technology

    Attractive Salary

    In addition to a competitive salary for the market, you also get:

    13th month pay: get an extra month’s salary each year.
    Full coverage for social and unemployment insurance.
    Potential pay increases based on performance reviews.
    Client-specific rewards based on project performance.

    Employees Allowance

    We cover a number of extra expenses where relevant, such as:

    Meal Allowance
    Team building budget
    Onsite and business travel expenses

    Labor Union Perks

    There are not many companies that have a strong and supportive labor union as Groove Technology. We aim to build a caring culture and give you more knowledge and transparency benefits from labor law.

    Birthday gift
    New year gift
    Tet lucky money
    New child born
    Inpatient treatment
    Excellent support for labour’s law and benefits
    Our pantry serves up plenty of caffeine, tea, milk to keep you awake and creative

    Stay Healthy and Wellbeing

    Some of the ways we help ensure our employees are happy and healthy include:

    Top-quality health insurance (accident and medical).
    A free annual health check.
    Full coverage for social health insurance.
    Company sports club (Badminton, swimming, football, ping-pong…).

    Learning and Growth

    Access learning resources to enhance your skills and ability to perform your role including:

    Employee library
    Training program (technical skills, soft skills)
    English classes
    Online training courses

    Make an Impact

    We give more love to our community through:

    Charity activities
    Job fair in Universities in Vietnam
    Sponsor IT clubs in Universities in Vietnam
    Contribute and sponsor IT events in Vietnam IT community

    Enjoy your Time-Off

    Generous annual leave (AL) - you got more time to relax. Plus for every three years you work at Groove, you’ll receive two additional days of AL. Unused AL will be paid as the company policy.

    Paid holidays to celebrate (~11 days): New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, Hung King Day, Liberation’s Day, Labor Day, Independence Day

    Paid sick time covered by comprehensive social insurance.

    Paid parental leave: Staff are eligible for paid time off (as per labor laws) to care for their new child.

    Company Activities

    5-Star Company Trip Super fun hang-out team building quarterly Employee Anniversary Event celebration (Women day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween, Xmas, Fitness challenges, Groove Olympics…)



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