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We build customized web apps using cutting-edge technologies, to help you create the unique solutions and experiences that underpin customer satisfaction and operational success.

Web application development services from Groove Technology support you to embrace a modern, mobile-centric online environment. Transform legacy applications into responsive and interactive cross-platform experiences, or build custom, mobile-friendly web apps from scratch to meet specific customer needs or business goals.
Our strong understanding of web app development and front-end user experience means we can meet your needs, including:

  • Device-agnostic web applications: solutions that deliver the ideal user interface across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, built using HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Modernization of existing software: let us update obsolete and inflexible web interfaces used in your business with improved technologies that will satisfy the expectations of contemporary end users and customers.
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Create bespoke web applications with less effort and risk by working with Groove Technology.

Dynamic web apps

Any app that supports interactions such as searching or posting comments is an example of a dynamic web app—they take inputs from users and dynamically present personalised information and results. Groove can create fast and engaging dynamic web apps, that support complex user interactions, using a variety of programming languages.

Progressive web apps

We have the skill to combine the latest technologies to develop progressive web apps that are accessed via a browser but genuinely behave like a native app. Partnering with Groove Technology to build a progressive web app is the best way to benefit from an app that’s as user-friendly and sophisticated as leading native apps, but is faster and cheaper to develop.

E-commerce apps

Selling online, processing payments and managing orders—it’s all easier when you work with Groove Technology to create an e-commerce web app that aligns to your specific sales and back-end processes. Boost your sales and your ability to meet customer demand quickly with a tailored software solution. We can design custom online marketplaces and integrate your app with various sales and marketing platforms.

Static web apps

Simple applications that present information via non-interactive web pages. Static web apps may be useful for businesses that need a quick and basic solution that does not require input or high levels of engagement by users.

Portal web apps

Need to create a secure online area where employees or customers can log in to record, update or upload information? Groove Technology is experienced in developing portal web apps for a variety of purposes including customer accounts, employee self-service, supplier ordering systems, payment portals and more.

Content Management Systems (CMS apps)

A CMS is an effective way to empower non-technical users to update a web interface. We can help you design and build custom CMS web applications that help you manage online assets, blogs or websites. The benefit of working with Groove Technology to create your CMS web app is that it will be perfectly aligned to your specific tasks, content types, data security and user permissions.


We focus on flexibility and adaptability to fit different customer needs.

Team Augmentation

Add professional programmers to your internal development squad. Get extra coding power to maximise capacity during periods of growth. Scale up and down at will.

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End-to-end product development

Our engineers are able to tackle your challenge right away. We have all the expertise in-house so you can work with just one vendor to complete your project.

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We know that every React Native app is as special as the company it’s built to support.

Over the years, organisations and entrepreneurs have sought our help at every stage of growth to provide a multitude of different services and skills. We’ve never let our clients down—we don’t get caught off guard or lose focus.

We make your life easier at every step, and that includes being flexible enough to tailor our services to your situation.

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1. What are web applications?

A web app is software that runs on a web server and is accessed using a web browser (like Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Firefox). While there are situations where a web app features static information, typically a web app allows users to manipulate and interact with data and information on a page—for a wide range of purposes.

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4. How much does it cost to develop a web app?

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