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React Native help you build a fully featured, native user experience & cross platform mobile application!

The popularity of React Native is driving the growth of cross-platform mobile app development. Facebook, Shopify, Microsoft, Bloomberg, and Wix — they all use React Native for their mobile apps.

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Create rich mobile experiences faster and more easily by working with Groove Technology to harness
React Native’s component-based UI model.

React Native app development
Custom Native Module Development
Automated end-to-end testing
Process automation

React Native App Development

Build native apps for Android and iOS devices, yet streamline the implementation by using React Native to simplify and optimise your mobile development processes.

With a common codebase shared by the two platforms, developing your app with React Native delivers the same benefits of native app development: outstanding UI, feature-rich functionality, and a ‘best-in-class’ feel that many web and hybrid apps fail to capture.

Choosing to develop a React Native app with Groove Technology also ensures you can shorten your delivery time, minimise development and maintenance costs. and accelerate your growth.

React Native App Development
Custom Native Module Development
Automated End-to-end Testing
Process automation


We focus on flexibility and adaptability to fit different customer needs.

Team Augmentation

Add professional programmers to your internal development squad. Get extra coding power to maximise capacity during periods of growth. Scale up and down at will.

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End-to-end product development

Our engineers are able to tackle your challenge right away. We have all the expertise in-house so you can work with just one vendor to complete your project.

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We know that every React Native app is as special as the company it’s built to support.

Over the years, organisations and entrepreneurs have sought our help at every stage of growth to provide a multitude of different services and skills. We’ve never let our clients down—we don’t get caught off guard or lose focus.

We make your life easier at every step, and that includes being flexible enough to tailor our services to your situation.

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1. What is native to react?

React Native is a platform that allows development teams to build mobile iOS and Android applications using React, a top-of-the-range JavaScript library for user interfaces.

From the perspective of the end user, the app is created with completely native components that provide the best user experience and performance.

From the development angle, React Native can be easily combined with Java or Kotlin code for Android apps, and with JavaScript code for iOS apps, which allows developers to save time. It also enables the exchange of code with web applications.

React Native also supports UWP, macOS and the web environment and is one of the most portable technologies that still honours platform differences to ensure an app’s experience is unique.

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10. I can’t decide between React Native or fully native. What do you recommend?


Do you want to develop your mobile app quickly without compromising quality?

If so, look no further than React Native — a leading framework for building cross-platform, native apps.

The requirements of different mobile operating systems vary significantly. React Native makes it possible to share the majority of code required to build an app for both Android and iOS platforms, and create products with the same user experience (UX) and level of performance as a native app.

The popularity of React Native is driving the growth of cross-platform mobile app development. Facebook, Shopify, Microsoft, Bloomberg, and Wix — they all use React Native for their mobile apps.

Groove Technology is highly experienced in using React Native to develop quality mobile apps that work on any device and deliver a native UX. In fact, we specialise in React Native mobile app development.

We’ve iterated, streamlined and improved our development process over the years: our knowledge and mastery of the mobile tech stack is unrivalled.

When it’s called for, we’re more than capable of building custom native modules using tools such as Java and Swift.

However, in the interest of continuous improvement we have largely moved away from a native app development approach to favour building apps primarily in React Native. Having built numerous, complex mobile apps for many companies around the globe, across diverse industries, we’ve extended our skill in using React Native to develop cross-platform apps that engage users and support business goals.

Groove Technology has the depth of technical skill required to provide you with quality code, excellent user experiences, and a full range of features at reasonable prices.