Online Training Platform For A Franchise Company


Our customer is a franchise company based in the UK. Their main products are from the retail industry.


The HR Manager of the company came to Groove Technology when they needed an online training platform for their employees. Especially in the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, they needed an effective training solution for their on-boarding process and internal training.


React Native, Open edX, Python, MySQL, Mongo


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Course management

Courses are created and managed with course information, durations, and materials.

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Easy Registration and Login

Users can register and login by creating a personal account or via single sign on using their G-Suite or Office365 accounts.

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Tests and Exams

To assess how well the users understand the booking system and to identify any gaps in the learning material

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File upload and sharing

Upload and share audio/video files as well as other forms of files for training materials.

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Group discussion rooms

Learners can be divided into groups to discuss issues.

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Schedules and calendars

Calendars allow students and teachers to see and mark dates on their schedules

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Notifications on new chat, incoming calls, missed calls, latest news

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