Online Onboarding Training Platform For A Tourism Company


The customer, a tourism company based in Vietnam, provides professional tourism services.


The customer asked Groove Technology to build a training system for their new staff, which would be more necessary in the COVID-19 pandemic. They didn’t have an in-house technical team, so they wanted to outsource a full team from Groove Technology to help them.


React Native, Open edX, Python, MySQL, MongoDB


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Course management

Courses are created and managed with course information, durations, and materials.

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Easy Registration and Login

Users can register and login by creating a personal account or via single sign on using their G-Suite or Office365 accounts.

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Tests and Exams

To assess how well the users understand the booking system and to identify any gaps in the learning material.

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File upload and sharing

Upload and share audio/video files as well as other forms of files for training materials.

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Group discussion rooms

Learners can be divided into groups to discuss issues.

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Schedules and calendars

Calendars allow students and teachers to see and mark dates on their schedules.

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Notifications when new courses are available and reminders and notifications regarding the courses the users are enrolled in.

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