Job Portal For A Hiring Agency Based In Australia


Our customer is a hiring agency based in Australia who provide a recruitment platform for both employers and job seekers to match appropriate jobs based on the candidate's skillset.


The customer already had a SAAS web platform in the market and they commissioned Groove to build a complimentary mobile app for further reach and a more convenient user experience.


React Native, Microsoft .NET Core, SQL Server, Azure


Groove Technology - Case Studies

Upload and parse CV’s

Users can upload their CV’s and the platform will automatically parse it to extract the important pieces of information.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Manual Search and filter

Employers and job seekers can easily search for suitable jobs and candidate profiles.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Smart Matching

Candidates and jobs are automatically matched based on the requirements of the jobs and the skillset of the job seekers.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Shortlist and save

Job seekers can save their favorite jobs and employers can also save their shortlisted candidate profiles.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Job alerts and notifications

Job alerts and notifications can be sent via email and push notification.

Groove Technology - Case Studies


Job seekers can apply with one-click of a button.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Chat function

A communication method between employees, job seekers and admin.

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