Food Delivery App For A Well- known Chain Of Mexican Restaurants


Our customer is a well-known chain of Mexican restaurants. After a long time, operating offline, they want to serve their food online through pre-order pickups and deliveries to increase their revenue and customer reach. Therefore, they engaged us to build a food delivery app for them to boost their online business.


Groove needed to build a convenient and easy-to-use app so that customers from all range of ages and demographics could use to order food online. The app was needed to show users detailed information relating to the menu and ingredients, just as if they were looking at the menu in the restaurant. The customer also wanted to highlight their signature dishes, featured dishes, and specials.


React Native, Node.JS, React.JS, MongoDB, Amazon AWS


Groove Technology - Case Studies

Easy to order

The functions of choosing dishes, setting the quality, setting delivery address, and making payment should be organized in a simple and logical way.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Searching and filtering dishes

The dish can be searched by names, by popularity or by price.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Order Routing

The users orders had to be routed to the store that was closest to their delivery location.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Order tracking

The users are able of tracking the preparation status and location of delivery personnel in real-time.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Easy payment methods

Provide different payment methods for customers to choose from. Saving of cards for quick checkout and saving time of manually typing in card information.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Rating and reviews

Customers of the restaurant can give their feedback about the restaurant and their delivery experience.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Order history/favorites

The users can review their previous orders and order again easily.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Push notifications

For new orders, delivery status, new promotions of the restaurant.

Groove Technology - Case Studies

Support system

The users can chat online with the restaurant for further requests and troubleshooting.

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