E-commerce site for household storage supplier

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Our customer is an Australian company and their products are storage items for bathroom, laundry, kitchen, bedroom,…


The customer was a start-up, and they were struggling in defining the main theme for their online store. They asked Groove Technology to pay much attention to the design theme and highlight the main features of their products.


React Native, Shopify, Node.JS, MongoDB


Product showcase

Specific information about product category (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen…) are provided in detail. Customers can zoom in and out to closely look at the products. There are also images of decoration suggestions using the storage items in different rooms. Moreover, usage cautions are included to keep the items at the best quality.

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Search and filter tool

Search or filter items by categories (bathroom, laundry, bedroom, kitchen…) or price range. 

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Linking to social media

Customers can find the brand on several social media platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, …

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Customers can share product information via SMS or social media.

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Login and registration

Easy, fast and several login/registration options. Login by social media is also available.

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Related products

Smart algorithms to suggest products related to the current product.

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Notifications about new products, their availability, order status, special deals, and so on are sent automatically via push notifications.

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Items added, removed and quantities updated in the cart.

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Customers can checkout using Stripe & PayPal and save their payment details for future purchases.

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Order tracking

Customers can track the delivery status of their orders.

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Rating and reviews

Users may rate and review products that they have previously purchased.

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FAQ section

Users can find the answers for frequently asked questions regarding of the products or other policies.

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Online support

The admin can help buyers with enquiries when using the app.

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